A 500 page book by Charles M. Grinstead (Swarthmore College)and J. Laurie Snell (Dartmouth College)
Statistical concepts by Will G Hopkinst explained for biologists, with almost no math
Online textbook on statistics
Free, full-length, and occasionally interactive statistics textbook by Richard Lowry
By Gerard E. Dallal
Library to help biologists learn about data analysis. This "library" contains articles and manuals, as well as links to web sites and books.
Interpreting Nonsignificant P values
By Gerard E. Dallal, PhD
Website for Statistical Computation which brings useful and user-friendly tools for performing statistical computations
A place to find randomization tools
The Web Bench
Sequence Analysis with GenBeans
GenBeans SoftwareTry GenBeans: Best free software for DNA sequence editing!
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