Plasmids & Vector Resources

Addgene is a non-profit organization dedicated to making it easier for scientists to share plasmids. Adgene distributes high-quality published plasmids on behalf of scientists.
Addgene hosts the largest database of plasmid backbone/vector information in the world.
Plasmid Information Database (PlasmID) is a central repository for plasmid clone collections and distribution as part of the DF/HCC DNA Resource Core based at the Harvard Institute of Proteomics (HIP).
DNASU is a central repository for plasmid clones and collections. Currently we store and distribute over 191,000 plasmids including 75,000 human and mouse plasmids, full genome collections, the protein expression plasmids from the Protein Structure Initiative as the PSI: Biology Material Repository (PSI : Biology-MR), and both small and large collections from individual researchers.
A collection of cloning vectors of Escherichia coli is kept at the National Institute of Genetics as a resource for the biological research community.
The "Belgian Coordinated Collections of Microorganisms" (BCCM) a non-profit consortium of 7 complementary research-based and government-funded culture collections of authenticated biological material, at the service of the international scientific and industrial community. BCCM/LMBP specializes in the distribution of basic vectors, plasmid constructs and DNA libraries.
The Molecular Biology Vector Sequence Database
VecScreen is a system for quickly identifying segments of a nucleic acid sequence that may be of vector origin developped by the NCBI
EBI tool is based on NCBI BLAST2 and uses the latest implementation of the BLAST algorithm and a special sequence databank known as EMVEC. EMVEC is an extraction of sequences from the SYNthetic division of EMBL containing more than 2000 sequences commonly used in cloning and sequencing experiments.
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Sequence Analysis with GenBeans
GenBeans SoftwareTry GenBeans: Best free software for DNA sequence editing!
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