The Restriction Enzyme Database
Use this tool to select restriction enzymes by name, sequence, overhang, or type.
Restriction endonucleases that recognize the same sequence are isoschizomers. The list below contains isoschizomers for commercially available restriction endonucleases.
Use this tool to select restriction enzymes by name, sequence, overhang, or type.
This tool will take a DNA sequence and digest it with one example of each of the known Type 2 restriction enzyme specificities.
The programs below are designed to help identify the recognition sequences of new restriction enzymes based on the sizes of fragments produced by digesting DNAs of known sequence.
Complete DNA sequence analysis and editing program for Macs specialized in restriction enzyme analysis.
This tool will take a DNA sequence and find the large, non-overlapping open reading frames using the E.coli genetic code and the sites for all Type II and commercially available Type III restriction enzymes that cut the sequence just once.
Create beautiful and informative restriction maps
REviewer is a web server which provides an integrated set of free tools for DNA sequence analysis, plasmid map creation, rich sequence viewing and various biochemical calculations. These tools accept DNA sequences in most popular sequence formats, such as FASTA, GenBank, EMBL or plain text.
Maps sites for restriction enzymes, a.k.a. restriction endonucleases, in DNA sequences. Also does virtual digestion.
Welcome to Webcutter 2.0! This new version of Webcutter is a complete rewrite.
This form allows you to supply both DNA sequence and (optionally) your own file of Restriction Enzymes or other IUPAC patterns in GCG format (or slightly modified for more functionality) for Restriction Enzyme Mapping and Analysis, using Harry Mangalam's tacg3.5 program as the analysis engine.
Use it to perform double digestion with Fermentas restriction enzymes.
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